The Solar System


I was very nervous to start this assignment. I kept reading and re-reading material to see if I could find out more information about how to do this assignment.  I felt that initially I was scared to start because I had never done something like this. It’s very technical and I wanted to get it all right. So I slowly started this assignment and then found that once I got the initial idea then I wasn’t so nervous. I had no choice, I had to do it and along the way I learned.  Personally it was hard to physically sit in front of the computer because of my nausea in the first trimester of my pregnancy.  I have learned to be efficient when sitting in front of the computer now because I can’t do it for long! Oh the joys of being Mommy!

Some bumps along the way:

-One thing I found frustrating in using the Library of Congress website was that it timed out very quickly. This made it hard when I had to check my MARC records to see if I got each line right.
Answer: I realized that I didn't have to type in my search title once the page had timed out. I just had to push the tab at the top left of my screen to reload the page.

- was also a great website that I used. One thing was that if I didn’t push ‘publish’ before I logged out then I would lose any information I had put on the website. There was no reminders to ‘publish’ my work so I ended up losing some work a couple of time.
Answer: Once I lost my work a couple of times I never did it again!

- Making the MARC records for websites was a bit of a challenge since I only had the information from class postings.  For example, tag 300 confused me I didn’t know what to write for describing the physical details of the website. There was no information about what to write for an app website or a movie website so I ended up just writing “one free website” for those tags.  I don’t know if that is correct or not, I followed the examples we got from class.
Answer: It became clearer as I went along. It was also nice to have some example assignments from classmates and posted questions on our on-line discussion board. 

- The website for the Space Centre in Vancouver had first been hacked into and now it is under construction and has not been up for viewing for the whole time that I have been doing this assignment.  I haven't been able to get all the information I needed.  
Answer: I tried my best to get the information from various other sites.  I didn't want to take out the fieldtrip tab because I thought it was important to keep this resource to give this assignment some variety.